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Whats Included: * Lavender Sage (Lavender sage is not only used for clearing and protection but love as well.) Lavendar sage or Blue sage (depending on stock). Lavender sage is said to transform energy and bring forth positive change by opening the heart chakra. Blue sage cleanses and dispels negative energy, Black Love or Precious Rose Incense (depending on stock) , Equality's "Love Jones" Bath Salts, Equality's "Love Jones" Oil, Herbal Bath Bar (Black Soap on front/Shea Butter on back), Rose Quartz & Hematite Crystal bracelet or Rose quartz bracelet (depending on stock) (stone of love), 2 red chime candles (anoint with love oil and burn while taking bath, praying, meditating, or speaking affirmations). Abalone Shell - used to hold your sage while burning.


Sage and Incense can be used to smudge your home and clear negative energy. Light while praying, meditating, or speaking affirmations.

- "Love Jones" oil can be used to bless/anoint yourself, candles, put in baths, etc.

- Bath salts are filled with herbs to attract love to your life. Speak your intention while taking your bath. This can be love for yourself or someone else.

- Please keep all supplies in this kit away from children & pets.

- Please make sure doors and windows are open before smudging ( burning sage).

Equality's Blessing Box - Love

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