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Spiritual baths are traditionally recommended whenever you feel you need to remove negative energy from your life or rebalance your spirit. Baths are typically filled with herbs and salts that are specific to your intention.How to take baths (unless your spiritual/religious tradition calls you to do otherwise):Light a candle or incense (that matches your intention), play some music (that matches your intention)!Take a shower/regular bath BEFORE taking a spiritual bath. Reclean your tub to prepare for your spiritual bath. Run your bath water. Speak your intention/prayer/affirmation over your water. Add your herbs and salts directly to your water (or boil your mixture 1st and then add to water once it cools). Again, speak your intention/prayer/affirmation over your bath mixture. While in the tub, speak your intention/prayer/affirmation over yourself as you pour the water over you. HEAD TO TOE. Visualize your intention manifesting for you. Sit for atleast 15 minutes while meditating on your desired outcome. Gather some of your bath water once you get out. Air dry to receive the full effect (DO NOT TOWEL DRY). Clean your tub (remember to use a strainer so herbs do not go down the drain). Take the leftover water and return it back to the earth in the direction of the East at a crossroad (4 way intersection). Give thanks to spirit.*MULTIPLE baths for consecutive days may be needed depending on your intention, situation, or religious/spiritual tradition. *IF YOU HAVE ANY SPECIFIC ALLERGIES, PLEASE LET US KNOW BEFORE PURCHASING. 

Equality's Spiritual Baths

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