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Spiritual Oils have very many uses and are used by different religions & traditions around the world. They can be used to anoint candles & other objects, added to spiritual baths (make sure it can be used on skin first), anoint doors/threshholds, worn to increase your own power (make sure it can be used on skin first), burned in an oil burner, etc. 


All of our oils are made with high quality herbs, pure essential oils (some do have a little fragrance oil) and a base carrier oil that is specific to the intention of the oil. Our oils are for external use only. Our oils do not contain any artificial coloring. All oils come in 1/2 oz bottles


* Our "Better Me " oil does come in a 2 oz bottle and does contain CBG. 


* IF YOU HAVE ANY SPECIFIC ALLERGIES, please contact us before purchasing. 

Equality's Spiritual/Blessing Oils

PriceFrom $25.00
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