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We now make pre-made spiritual baths. We know life can get busy but spiritual baths are a VERY IMPORTANT part of your spiritual journey. You have to clean that negative energy off on a regular basis. Have you felt tired? Drained? Like your life has been turned upside down? Do you feel like someone has sent negative energy your way? Is there constant arguing in the household or on the job? Are you in school and feel like you cant concentrate? Trouble with the law? If any of these situations apply, you need to cleanse on a regular basis (at least every 30 days).


Starting with the Full Moon in June 2023 (and every full moon after), we will have freshly made spiritual baths for you. Not like our normal salt baths that you have probably purchased from our store to prepare for yourself. These will already be in the liquid form so all you have to do is pour them over you, say a prayer/affirmation if you choose too, burn your incense/candles, turn on some music and relax. No more herbs in the tub. Each bath will be made FRESH, in 16 oz bottles, and must be used for 3 days around the Full Moon. You will get a set of 3 (1 bath per day). These pre-made baths will be made with the intention to remove hexes/jinx/curses/bad juju/negative energy/etc. They are much much stronger than our regular salt baths. If you do not have a tub, no worries! They can be used in the shower as well.

Pre-Made Spiritual Baths (liquid)

  • * Actual baths may be lighter in color ..... 


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