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We now make pre-made spiritual baths. We know life can get busy but spiritual baths/washes are a VERY IMPORTANT part of your spiritual journey. Whether you need help removing a hex, clearing out negative energy, increasing the love in your relationship, enhancing self love, getting prosperity flowing, focusing in school, help with your court case, or just need a fresh start, we have a bath/wash for you.

Every New & Full Moon, we will have freshly made spiritual baths/washes. Not like our normal salt baths that you have probably purchased from our store to prepare for yourself. These will already be in the liquid form so all you have to do is pray/speak affirmations over each bath/wash, and pour them over you (or clean with it if you are using the HOUSE BLESSING WASH). Burn your incense/candles, turn on some music &relax. No more herbs in the tub. Each bath will be made FRESH, in 16 oz bottles. If you do not have a tub, no worries! They can be used in the shower as well.

* FULL MOON Cleansing Bath - DO NOT pour this bath over your head. It contains bitter herbs. DO NOT sit in this bath. When cleansing, you want all negative washed away and down the drain. Best if used as close to full moon as possible but can be used whenever. Can be used to remove negative energy from home/office/vehicle/etc. Psalms 51 is recommended prayer for cleansing (or you can write your own).

* House Blessing Wash - Can also be used in offices as well. DO NOT bathe in this wash. You can add it to mop water or use it full strength to promote peace, tranquility, harmony, and blessings in your home or office. Psalms 23 or Psalms 4 or Psalms 61 is recommended prayer.

Pre-Made Spiritual Baths (liquid)

PriceFrom $33.00
  • * Actual baths may vary in color .....

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